In every generation…

By Rukario on Sat 28 April 2012

In every generation, there seems to be something in common, whether it is the games or the anime.

Gen I Gen II Gen III Gen IV Gen V Gen VI
Starting area rat Rattata Sentret Zigzagoon Bidoof Patrat
Starting area bird Pidgey Hoothoot Taillow Starly Pidove
Cat Meowth (Meowth) Skitty Glameow Purrloin
Dog Growlithe Houndour Poochyena Rioru Yorterry
Pikachu clone Pikachu Pichu Plusle & Minun Pachirisu Emonga

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Pokémon Movie 14 Black—Victini and the White Hero Reshiram

By Rukario on Tue 20 December 2011

I just saw this after its TV release this week. What can I say about it… I mean, where do I start? Ok, the name. This is Pokémon Black and it features the White Pokémon. To be fair, the game does this too, and I guess the movie is just following that trend. But, the movie is supposed to feature Reshiram, yet we get to see more of Zekrom!!!

Well, the movie starts with two summer-form Deerlings playing along a narrow cliff. Victini startles one and causes it to fall off (visions of Mew’s mischief making from Movie 8?). The other one tries to rescue it but is pulled down also. So, who comes to their rescue? That’s right, Twerp (“Ash”) Ketchum! And Victini somehow teleports him to a cave on the other side of the valley. He goes through the cave, which takes him directly beneath the castle, then finds himself, helped by Damon (presumably a different Damon from Movie 12), arriving just in time for……

A festival! With a Pokémon battle tournament. Cue opening credits! Which Twerp wins! How original! With Victini’s help. Like, Twerp’s Tepig going up against a Samur-wotter; after a couple moves of it getting pwnd, an invisible Victini helps out the walking ham salad. Then his Zuruggu goes up against that three-headed dinosaur thing. It’s a dragon-type, so Iris of course has a massive orgasm. Zuruggu gets pwnd, Victini works its magic, then comes back to waste the hydreigon. But, Hydreigon’s trainer sees Victini… anyway Twerp wins the contest and the four five six of them go and play.

Turns out that Victini is fond of Dent’s macarons. So even when it’s invisible, it can be found by a disappearing macaron. Amongst the typical annoying cutesy-ness between Victini, AYR, and Iris’s Kibago, it turns out that Damon wants to reverse the flow of the DragonForce. (Sadly, they didn’t get a piece in the movie.) Apparently, he had Zekrom tell him that his ideals will come to pass. But, it needs Victini’s power to do so (like Celebi from Movie 6). The entire castle raises from the mountaintop, and lo and behold, it is in the shape of a giant sword, with the castle as the hilt! So it levitates over to another mountaintop, and it pierces the ground to land.


But instead of the DragonForce flowing to help the land, it then starts destroying (like Movie 2 in reverse…this will soon make sense). And, it falls on Twerp to venture into the rock “sword” beneath the castle to find the White Orb that holds Reshiram (you know, like the Red and Blue Orbs of Groudon and Kyogre?). It looks like a maze of corridors reminiscent of the Tree of Beginning from Movie 8. Anyway this time, it takes a miracle from Victini for Twerp to navigate his way to the bottom and get Reshiram, who finally appears, granting Twerp his “truth”.

Meanwhile, Zekrom is guarding the flying castle, along with a Gothitelle (a cross between a ghost-type and Jynx), to fend off the others, with a Golett (the “Golem” pokémon), trying to rescue Victini, who now looks like a tortured Celebi (Movie 4).

Drum roll…

Twerp appears, on the back of Reshiram, and there’s a fight with Zekrom.

Victini gets rescued, yes by that annoying little obese yellow rat, leaving it along with twerp and Victini, while this thing rises inexorably into space. Twerp gets cold, and runs out of air, as they are plunged into darkness, with stars above them and clouds beneath them. How he survives this long must be chocked up to anime physics, I guess. However, he’s comatose but the rat and Victini are ok.

The sword-castle then descends, and Zekrom and Reshiram push it to a hill near the ocean, where it descends. The earth then turns from a dark purple to green (like the end of Movie 2, or perhaps 3), and then everyone lives happily ever after. Except for Victini, who goes MIA; presumably it used up the last of its life force in moving the castle…

So Twerp tosses a macaron in the air, it hovers for a moment, then nibble by nibble, vanishes.


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Disappointing… TR upset

By Rukario on Mon 3 October 2011

So, after episode 49 of Best Wishes (706 of the series), we had Team Rocket come up with a great plan to capture all the Pokémon from Raimon (Nimbasa) City. They used a ghost train running through the city’s automated underground railway system. Meanwhile, over the previous few episodes, Meowth was travelling with Team Twerp, having been kicked out of TR for failing one mission too many. During these episodes, he would act as a negotiator (Meow-gotiator?) between the humans and any Pokémon they came across.

But in Episode 49, we see Meowth’s true colours. he was only using them to gain their trust, and thus access to the Pokémon centre’s high-security Pokéball vault, which just happens to be connected to the underground via an air vent. So Meowth can throw the Pokéballs in (and cages for AYR and Kibago/Axew), and they end up in the Ghost Train, being driven by Jessie and James.

Episode 49 ends up with AYR in TR’s hands, and I was pleased. I was hoping they would be able to pull off one successful scheme in the 13 years of this show.

But of course not…

Episode 50 starts off where 49 left off (I guess they were aired on Japanese TV as a 2-part special). TR were releasing fake ghost trains, which seem to be giant train-shaped balloons on bogies. How they are able to run is beyond comprehension (must be the laws of anime physics).

Anyway, they end up on their way to Kanawa (Anville) Town, where the rail line runs at grade; this way TR can load the train carriage onto a helicopter, and make off with the Pokémon.

Who stops them? Team Twerp on one hand, and AYR releasing Team Twerp’s other Pokémon on the other. Of course, AYR is the hero whose thunderbolt destroys the helicopter’s hoist.

JJM get away on jet packs (rocket packs?) into the helicopter, poké-less.

But Twerp at least admitted that he had a good time travelling with Meowth.

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Restarting this blog

By Rukario on Mon 1 August 2011

After a hiatus of a number of years, during which time this blog was lost, found, lost again, archived, then lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters. It took a while to reconstruct this blog, when all that was left of it was actually dregs on the Wayback Machine.  Unfortunately it couldn’t preserve my graphics or scripts, so they seem to be lost permanently.  I’ll have to reconstruct them.

On another note, I can now add entries on my exploits and ventures into the world of fursuiting, having made a Rukario suit.

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Explorers of Sky—Sun Ribbon

By Rukario on Sun 4 April 2010

Well we can get a Rioru in Explorers of Sky easily enough (especially if we start with him!), but getting him to evolve is another matter entirely. Fortunately I managed to encounter these codes (thank you Shin!):

Rescue Oddish from Crystal Cave B6F (S-rank)

F#@13 5QC2CF9 278QR

Explore with Magikarp to Concealed Ruins B15F (*5-rank)

58Y-8 8MRR6#& OFF#T

Prospect with Electabuzz to Surrounded Sea B17F (*6-rank)

40TP- 4Y-&38W FXXX6
N3RKY 7SJ7X2% &TK15

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The Making of Rukario (part 7)

By Rukario on Sun 18 May 2008

Time to start sewing. Went out, bought a sewing machine, found it to be a total waste of time. Back it goes in the box to be returned to the shop. I ended up hand-sewing the seams on the torso part; it seems to fit well. The sleeves are a bit tight, so I’ll have to rethink them. Still actually sewing these was a lot easier than I had anticipated, though I wouldn’t have liked to try that with a sewing machine!

It turns out that I would have been better off using a tank top for the torso, as the grey toroidal shoulder pads ended up well over my shoulder, so I’ve had to take them off and start over. I’ll also need to rethink how the sleeves are done; I worked out using sleeves 450 mm wide, it looks like I’ll need at least 600, especially if I’m going to let the sleeves start further up my shoulder. At least I can use the material that’s been cut for other areas like the ears and tail. The 14 mm pile also conceals any botches in the stitching, so that’s good.

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The Making of Rukario (part 6)

By Rukario on Sat 17 May 2008

Ok, I’ve started cutting the material. I used a basic sleeveless T-shirt for the basis of the Flavine part, though a bit more generously-cut, to compensate for the lack of stretch in the fabric. I’ve also cut strips from the Dark Grey (230 mm wide) for the tori (that should give me shoulder pads about 70 mm diameter), and another for the belt around the waist. I’ve also cut sleeves from the Cobalt fabric.

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The Making of Rukario (part 5)

By Rukario on Fri 16 May 2008

I’ve been considering some design elements, now that I have the fabric and can get to work on it. I’d like to make some progress on the suit over the weekend, hopefully getting the torso done. That should be fairly straightforward, in theory, but it provides some interesting conundrums. The base design is just to make a sleeveless T-shirt out of the Flavine fabric.

The initial issue is that Rukario has a rather narrow torso, while as a result of living on a diet of Guinness and Ulster fries, my girth is somewhat wider. And, this material doesn’t stretch very well. So, if I plan for a circumference of 1200 mm (my chest is about that size), that means two pieces of fabric each 600 mm wide, plus an allowance for the stitch. That can easily fit on a piece of 1500 × 1000 fabric. I would also need to make a generously-sized neck hole, to allow for the widest part of my head to fit through it.

Proving more of a problem is the issue of those toroidal shoulder pads that Rukario has. This will prove very interesting when it comes time to sew it on. I’ll probably have to sew it on by hand, along with the sleeves.

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The Making of Rukario (part 4)

By Rukario on Thu 15 May 2008

The fur and felt from Craft Fabrics arrived today. The Dark Grey is an absolutely gorgeous colour. The Flavine really is a Pikachu yellow, so I need to tone it down. The Cobalt is rather dark, but not tremendously dark; it will be suitable for the lighter bits of the “shiny” Rukario suit (if I decide to do one!), provided I can get a darker blue; I’ve asked Craft Fabrics to see if they can send some swatches with my next order. Out I go to CraftWorld to get a bag of stuffing, fabric glue—and I also picked up a pair of 21 mm amber eyes. I also managed to get some other materials that let me get on with another of my major projects, ie the house move. So that took priority, unfortunately.

I also picked up the camera and glasses yesterday when I was in London. I haven’t tried them yet; the camera turned out to be broken, as one of the wires that held the microphone in place broke. (Let’s see, black wire 7 mm, red wire 13 mm, guess which one broke.) It’s a five-second soldering job to fix. This could also work in my favour, as I want to make the wires to the mic longer anyway.

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The Making of Rukario (part 3)

By Rukario on Mon 12 May 2008

I’ve placed an order for one linear metre each of the three fabrics for the normal Rukario, just to make sure I’m satisfied with the colours, as well as the felt squares. It will be about two weeks for the materials to be delivered. Not a lot I can do until then, except write this page. And this page was indeed written using such wonderful HTML-editing tools as Kate and Notepad. I thought about using blog-editing software such as WordPress, but for what I want for this page, that’s too much like hard work!  Maybe I’ll migrate it to WordPress at a later date.

Maybe I can work on some patterns when I get home. Or, try to find somewhere that will sell me a balaclava, recommended as a base for the head piece. Picture it, living in the balaclava capital of the world! “Hi, I’d like to buy a balaclava please. No wait, I’m not with the *I** or the U**, honest!” On second thought, I’ll try buying one online instead, preferably from a reputable fursuiting supplier. (See here or here.) Still, Whipperleys seems like a good source for the balaclavas.

I’ve also been researching some solutions for vision. One possibility is this camera, probably embedded in the nose, coupled with these glasses.

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